What We Do

Opinion Research

We can help associations and interest groups fine-tune their public policy and communications strategy through our polling and research. Whether its conducting issues surveys of the broad electorate or polling your associations membership to determine legislative priorities, we can help. Budgets are always tight, so understanding what people believe, how they respond to messages and what they think based on statistical evidence rather than gut feelings will give you a tactical advantage and save you money.

Grass Roots Mobilization

Grassroots and grass-tops strategies is what we specialize in at VPR. We have the experience and resources to mobilize the right grassroots support to help you achieve your specific goals whether it is for rallies and events or for online activities. We will specifically target your key support groups and get them to focus on helping you achieve your goal.

Phone Services

We have used phones effectively on behalf of interest groups and associations to communicate with their membership, lobby opinion leaders and develop community support for referendum issues. Our midwest based live call center provides accent neutral callers that care about their work product.

Our live phone services include voter identification, GOTV, event turnout, issue identification and patch through services. Our automated phone services include persuasion calls, automated surveys, patch through calls and town hall teleconferencing.

Direct Mail

Our in-house design team will create mail for your issue campaign or PAC activities based on the issues that research and polling show will move voter opinion. In addition, we use the latest in digital technologies to personalize your mail and effectively deliver your message to a targeted recipient.

On Line Services

Online activity is just another way to be engaged with your targeted audience. VPR can help you build or reinvent your website, monitor the online conversation about your issue or product or build an iPhone App to help your organization or campaign succeed.

Television and Radio

Our team can produce television and radio ads you need with high quality animation and professional graphics. Our effective script writing and quality direction of actors involved in commercials, as well as media placement that finds the best deals for your money, that will give you the advantage over your competitors or opponents.